Project Budgeting

Establishing A Budget is crucial so that we can help steer you towards products & services that will allow you to stay within budget.
Just like homes, custom remodels come in all shapes and sizes, so it is important to know how much you want to invest before you start.

Labor Pricing

Our labor estimate is devised of a range (or budget, if you will). A “no more than” price and a “no less than” price.
This budget/range system allows for flexibility for the customer/craftsman combined.

For example,if you were quoted one price, the scenario could go badly, like this:

  • Contractor realizes, after working there a while, that his price quoted is too low and that he’s losing money-he has to bail out in middle of the job.
  • If price quoted was, again, too low-he may ask for additional money.
  • Another way to recoup his losses is to cut corners on your project to remain profitable.
  • Or finally, he may finish the project as agreed and go out of business if he continues to quote such low prices as he had with you!

I don’t think you wish he does that either. So, Larlin’s has considered using a more suitable and fair way of pricing the project…..”Larlin’s price ranging system”. Once an agreement is reached on high and low numbers, it’s the responsibility of both parties to stay within these budget numbers.That’s most fair. It also allows for project changes without having an awkward discussion over money. Nifty! DON’T YOU AGREE?

Material Pricing

Larlin’s does not mark up the cost of materials.  It pays for the materials using client’s money and passes the receipts onto the client and keeping track of invoices with a material list. On the list is a shopping service cost added for the convenience of Larlin’s doing the shopping on behalf of the client. That’s simple and direct.