Minor Home Repairs or Installations

Often, minor home repairs that are needed are left undone because of lack of time or skill on the part of the homeowner. And although the homeowner gets used to living with things that need to be repaired or installed, frequently, with wear and tear over time, these small projects become large if they are left unattended.

Where to Start . . .

A good place to begin is to walk around your home, room by room, with a pad and pen, and list every small item that needs repair or updating. This list is commonly called a “Honey-Do-List”. The name originated from wives making lists for their husbands who they called “Honey”. But in today’s busy lifestyles, most husbands don’t have the time to get to the repairs.

The next thing to do is to find the right contractor to take on the “Honey-Do-List” for you. The right contractor will be a person with a variety of skills, both indoor and outdoor, and many years of experience.

Examples . . .

The types of projects that wind up on a “Honey-Do-List” may include any of the following examples, or others that may be particular to your unique home.

• Replace old worn doorknobs with new doorknobs

• Install kitty or doggie door

• Replace old worn door hinges with new door hinges

• Install smoke alarms

• Install chandelier

• Install recessed lighting

• Install track lighting

• Replace old kitchen cabinet handles with new handles

• Replace broken window glass

• Paint wood trim, doors, walls and ceilings

• Repair broken slats in louvered doors

• Install bathroom medicine cabinet

• Install bathroom vanity

• Install bathroom or kitchen countertop

• Repair or replace rotted windows or trim around windows

• Install banister on stairway

• Install or repair exterior fencing

• Clean or re-stain exterior decks or porches

• Hang mirror and pictures on walls

• Build shelves in closets

• Install new sink

• Install new faucets or shower heads

• Install storm door

• Repair wooden decks and walkways

• Refinish flooring

• Replace cracked tile

• Caulk leaking tiles in shower and tub

• Install hardwood flooring

• Install ceiling fan

• Install backsplash in kitchen and bathroom

• Refinish fireplace trim

• Power wash exterior of house and deck

Setting Your Priorities . . .

If your “Honey-Do-List” is lengthy, it’s important to go over it carefully to determine which items need immediate attention and which items can be scheduled for the future. And be sure to discuss your list with your contractor, explaining any details that are important to you, and obtaining cost estimates for the work to be done. The right contractor will possess the skill and experience to complete all the items on your “Honey-Do-List” in an organized and efficient manner. So start now before the small projects become large because they were left unattended.

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