Kitchen Remodeling

Remodeling the kitchen is one of the few kinds of home improvement that might actually increase the value of a Connecticut home. That’s because more and more, the kitchen is becoming the center of attention. Also, technological advances in plumbing, lighting and appliances are going to impact this room more than just about any other room in the house.


Kitchen RemodelingPlanning is the most important step when renovating your kitchen. Try to cover every detail that you can think of depending on how large of a project this will be — appliances, cabinets, paint, flooring, lighting, etc. There can be a 30 foot long island with a state-of-the-art cooktop, the cabinets can be made out of the most exotic woods, the counters and backsplashes made out of marbles imported from Italy, and even the appliances can be computerized to the point where the fridge can let the homeowner know what groceries need to be replenished.

It’s also a good time to figure out what you want to do with the kitchen. Are you a passionate cook who wants state of the art appliances to create delicious and elaborate meals? Is the room going to be the place where everyone in the house comes to do homework, pay bills or just socialize? Or are you the type of person that loves entertaining guests? This will greatly influence the size, shape and style of the room.


LED lights are becoming more and more popular when it comes to home improvement. They can be integral to strips that can be installed beneath the oversink cabinets, inside the cabinets or even in the toe kick area. LEDs are not only cool and energy efficient but they won’t need to be changed for decades.


A tile floor can give a rustic look to a room or can give it great sophistication because tiles come in nearly countless textures, patterns and colors. They can be made from a variety of materials. Ceramic tiles are made from clay and are very hard from being fired at very high temperatures. Tiles can also be made from cement and fashioned to resemble regular ceramic tile, stone or even wood.


Kitchen RemodelingA stainless steel countertop may look surprisingly good in the midst of otherwise old fashioned country decor. It was made to resist staining and tarnishing, and it’s one of the few surfaces on which you can put shrieking hot pots and pans without worry. It’s easy to clean and sometimes only needs a microfiber cloth to restore it to its usual gleam. Granite is also a very popular choice due to its look and durability. There is a variety of available colors when choosing a granite countertop. Be sure to choose something that fits the flow of the rest of your kitchen remodeling choices.


The good news about appliances is that they’re now much more energy efficient than they were even a decade ago. Often, it’s best to pay a bit more for a refrigerator or a range that will save on energy bills than a less expensive model that eats up electricity. It’s even better to get an appliance with a full warranty. A full warranty will also save money if the appliance needs to be repaired.

These days, when it comes to Connecticut home renovation, the sky is certainly the limit.