Handyman Services

Many people need assistance with all types of home improvement, remodeling and renovation projects. You may be physically unable to do the work yourself, or you may simply prefer to put your home improvement job into the hands of an expert. If you need help with home repairs or remodeling in Connecticut, consider hiring a handyman who specializes in your area of need.

Outside Your “Castle”

Handyman ServicesTake a look at the outside of your home. Start with the approach to your porch. Is your sidewalk cracked or buckled? Damaged sidewalks pose a danger to you, your family and visitors and need to be repaired immediately by a professional. Are your porch steps unsteady? You need sturdy new steps that are properly painted and sealed. You made need to have your porch repainted or even replaced. You want the front of your home to look its best so it’s wise to hire a pro for sidewalk repairs and stair and porch replacements. If you need ramps for disabled family members, they should be built by an expert builder that can make them sturdy and functional while blending in attractively with the front of your home. Handymen can also repaint metal and wood porch furniture so that everything looks new.

Vinyl siding and stucco require regular pressure washing so that your home doesn’t start to look dingy. Decks, fences and boat docks should be pressure washed to remove mildew and resealed periodically. Damaged or insect-infested areas of wooden fencing need to be replaced immediately to protect the rest of the fence.

You probably have oil stains on your driveway or concrete carport. Professional pressure washing can remove unattractive stains. After a bad storm or hard Connecticut winter, you may want to have your patio cleaned so it’s ready for entertaining or just relaxing after work. Children’s play equipment should be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis.

Cleaning gutters is unpleasant and can be dangerous, but it’s necessary to avoid damage to the gutter system and to make sure that rainwater doesn’t reach the foundation of your home. A handyman can repair or replace broken or rusted sections of gutters.

Inside Your “Castle”

Home renovation projects inside the home can be as time-consuming and difficult as outside jobs. It’s becoming increasingly popular and practical to take up old carpets and refinish hardwood floors. Removing wall-to-wall carpeting makes cleaning easier and reduces allergens like dust mites. It’s easier to sweep and use a dry or damp mop than to drag a heavy vacuum cleaner through the house. Pulling up carpet is a hard, dirty job and not recommended for amateurs. If the flooring beneath the old carpet isn’t hardwood, you might like to have wood-grain laminate flooring installed.

Handyman ServicesOlder houses often have old wallpaper and dingy ceilings and wood trim. It may be possible to paint over old wallpaper but it’s more likely that wallpaper will have to be stripped using professional equipment. You can then choose to have walls painted, paneled or covered with modern wallpaper that’s washable and easier to remove.

In addition to dealing with floors, walls and painting, handymen can perform small and large renovation and repair jobs for homeowners. Having bathroom faucets, hardware and linoleum replaced can make the room look and feel new. Sinks, tubs and toilets in older homes often require frequent resealing to prevent leaking that leads to mold and mildew.

If you have a long list of things to be done around your house and feel overwhelmed, don’t put off needed home repairs and improvements. An experienced handyman can do the work right and take the stress off you.