Garage Remodeling

Homeowners often pay attention to the parts of their homes they live in, and often neglect their unfinished garages. In a typical garage, you might see stained concrete floors, bare studs covered with cobwebs, boxes of stored items, and cluttered remnants of home improvement projects. But renovating your garage can improve the quality of your life. Your garage is as important as the rest of your house. More people enter their home through their garage than any other way. Who wants to arrive home to a dingy, dark, dusty cave with cobwebs in the corners? Much better to arrive to your castle through a beautiful entryway! Moreover, renovating your garage can increase the space in your home, by providing you with valuable storage.

The Floor & Epoxy Coating

Concrete floors attract dust and absorb oil, leaving dirty splotches where you park your car. You can transform your garage with a beautiful epoxy floor covering. This covering’s durability, ease of cleaning and light-reflecting ability will turn your garage into a gleaming automobile showroom. You can choose between a basic grey or other designer finishes. This flooring is especially helpful for Connecticut winters when you’ll be dragging salt, sand, and snow into your garage.

Garage floor epoxyAre you tired of looking at your garage floor’s ugly stains, never-ending cracks, or even a compromised structure? Through a chemical combination of resins and hardeners, you can provide your floor with the appropriate strength and durability needed to thrive in the harshest conditions a garage typically requires. Choose from a slew of multi-colored flakes to create your own unique style and be the envy on the block! The experts at Larlin’s have over 15 years of expertise to bring your garage floor back to life and protect it for decades to come. Give us a call and get your free quote today!

The Walls

Garage RemodelingGone are the days of exposed beams and studs with cobwebs in the corners and rusty nails holding old rakes! Modern garages are insulated (very important for Connecticut), finished with drywall, and painted to fit with the rest of the dwelling. It’s inexpensive, and makes an enormous difference in the look and feel of your garage. Even without paint, just covering the studs with drywall will greatly improve upon the look and feel.


Perhaps the most important use of a garage aside from parking your car is storing other items such as tools, bikes, or automobile accessories. Besides the old kitchen cabinets left over from the kitchen renovation, there are many wonderful storage options including garage cabinets, ceiling racks, and garage slat-wall storage systems. Slat-wall storage and wall racks allow you to transform unused space into valuable storage. You can attach assorted hooks, baskets, and shelves to these walls allowing you to adjust your wall as your needs change. You will find it easy to keep your garage clean, uncluttered, and organized. If you still want more storage, you can install overhead storage which is designed for easy access.

What’s your plan?

Before remodeling your garage, consider these questions:

  • How are you going to use it?
  • Are you going to store seasonal items?
  • Do you want an additional play area for something like a ping pong or pool table?
  • Are you going to need a workbench for projects?
  • Will you wax your car, store your garden tools, keep your home remodeling supplies, or pot your seedlings?

Once you have decided on your garage’s function, you can design an area with room for recreation, a workbench, and/or storage. When you complete your design, the home improvement can begin!