Garage Doors

Your garage entryway, especially if you enter your home through your garage, should welcome you home every time you arrive. The following tips and information will help you customize your garage door for your taste and lifestyle.


Choose a style of door that matches the style of your home. Windows in the top panels can add interesting detail to your home as well as light to your garage interior. You can choose plain panels if you like simplicity, or long- or short-raised panels which add depth. You can also use painted panels with contrasting colors on the sloped areas and flat areas of the panels to add drama to your home.

Garage Door Construction

Garage doors are made of either wood or steel. Steel doors can be single, double or triple layers. Single-layered doors, stamped out of a single sheet of steel, are the most economical. Double-layered doors, with a polyurethane core and a layer of steel, offer increased insulation and strength. Triple-layered doors give you the polyurethane core along with an additional interior layer of steel, so it will provide you with the highest levels of durability and insulation.


If you heat your garage, you can and should choose an insulated door as there is a great variance in R factors (the ability of a material to maintain heat) in garage doors. One factor to consider is the material, but also consider the seals, both between the panels and at the bottom of the door. In areas of colder winters, such as New England, a gasket seal between the bottom of the door and the outside will preserve heat as well as keep out snow and rain water.

If you have questions about choosing a style or type of door, call Larlin’s Home Improvement. Larlin’s can help you both with a style that will match your home and the door that will best fit your needs and wallet. Garage door installation is simple and can be done in just a few hours – a small job that will dramatically change the look and feel of your home.

Garage Door Openers

What would make you feel more like the ruler of your castle than commanding your garage door to open and let you in? A click-and-go routine is a huge improvement over manually lifting your garage door, starting your car, moving your car out of the garage, getting out of your car and closing the garage door again, especially in inclement weather!


– Choose a garage door opener that can handle the weight of your door.
– Look for a quiet door opener if your garage door opens near a bedroom.
– Look for dependability.


There are three types of drives that open garage doors. Belt drives use a rubber-like drive. They are very quiet and durable. Chain drives are more economical in the short-term, but require more maintenance in the long-term, as there are moving parts and the chain will loosen over time. Screw drives use a long, threaded metal rod to lift the garage door. Although not as quiet as a belt drive, a screw drive is quieter and more durable than a chain drive. If you enter your home primarily through your garage, make sure that you have access to your home in case of an electrical outage!

Safety Matters

All garage doors installed nowadays come with an infrared operating mechanism that prevents a door from closing when an object (such as your car) or a person interferes with the door’s path. Make sure your garage door and opener are professionally installed so that this very important feature works. Check once a month to ensure that interference of the infrared light beam will stop the door from closing.


You can choose garage door openers with additional security features, such as one with “rolling code” technology. With this technology, each time you use your garage door opener, you select a randomly-generated code, making it virtually impossible to duplicate your code.

As a franchisee of Garage Experts, Larlin’s gives you a lifetime warranty with all garage door openers. Larlin’s also offers you top safety and security features. Call them to ensure maximum ease of operation, dependability and safety with your garage door installation.

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