Cheapest Quote

“You Shouldn’t Necessarily Hire the Lowest Bid”

Most contractors can tell your stories of times they’ve repaired other contractors’ shoddy work. The last thing you want when remodeling your home is completing the same project twice!

If a contractor’s bid is much lower than the other bids received, that contractor may employ one or more tricks. They may:

  • order the cheapest materials;
  • cut on labor costs by working hastily, which can often translate into carelessness;
  • hire inexperienced & inexpensive labor or
  • ignore a problem when something unexpected comes up.

It may take some checking around to make sure you hire an honest and reliable contractor. But if you want quality work and you want it completed within your time frame, your sleuthing will pay off. Your detective work will reward you when your contractor completes your home remodel project on time, within budget and to your satisfaction.