Bathroom Remodeling

Aside from the kitchen, the bathrooms are the first things people scrutinize when they are looking for a new home. A recent renovation is what they are looking for to reduce their future costs on plumbing and updates. There are numerous positive reasons to consider a remodeling project, especially in the hot Connecticut real estate market.

Tile And Grout Nightmares

Bathroom RemodelingThe glorious tile and grout installed a decade ago used to be the best part of the bathroom, but it slowly degraded over time. A perfect home improvement project is updating the tile floor and shower walls. Expert tile contractors quickly remove the old material and set new tiles in place. With today’s improved remodeling materials, both grout and tiles have a sealant applied, making it easier for them to remain clean over time.

Instead of new tiles, homeowners may want to look into linoleum for the floors and acrylic across shower walls. These materials withstand wear and time well, while giving residents reprieve from costly grout cleaning charges.

Updating Those Fixtures

One of the simplest projects homeowners can offer buyers is new fixtures. Shower heads, faucets and knobs all wear down over time. A contractor can quickly swap out fixtures to update the room’s look for very little upfront. Fixture replacement is often matched with a complete renovation, however. Residents want towel holders, doorknobs and faucets to have a cohesive look. Purchasing all the parts and labor at one time is often less expensive than piecing out the work over time. Buyers fixate on new hardware, possibly overlooking other worn areas in the home. A Connecticut home can shine with new fixtures in all bathrooms, for instance.

Pull The Toilet

Bathroom RemodelingGive serious thought to replacing the toilet. Although residents may think of each model as virtually the same style, new models have water-conserving designs built into the toilet. This water conservation benefit is a perfect selling point for new buyers. Residents benefit in the meantime with reduced water bills and the knowledge that they’re helping the environment.

Select a contractor with experience in toilet replacement. Although it’s not a complicated installation, care must be taken during wax ring placement to avoid leaks. The room will look brand new with a decorative toilet installation.

Checking The Plumbing

One of the major benefits of a shower remodel, in particular, is a plumbing evaluation. Pipes embedded between wall studs and behind shower walls are virtually impossible to access without invasive measures. During the construction, ask a plumber to look at the pipes. Any replacements or repairs necessary can be done at that time. A worst case scenario would occur if the remodel was completed and a wall pipe burst afterward. Taking care of the plumbing system during a remodel only makes the room even more valuable at selling time.

Adding Significant Value

Depending on the real estate market, hundreds or thousands of dollars can be added to the home’s value with a professionally prepared restroom. Many problems can arise if this room is neglected, from leaking pipes to damaged flooring. Potential homebuyers can see all the work completed, giving the resident an edge on bidding. Buyers may offer more than the asking price, driving up competition between different buyers. These rooms are also less expensive to update compared to full-size kitchens. The investment versus value makes this remodel idea popular in homeowner’s minds.

From the toilet to the shower, fixtures in this busy room need renovation and care to keep the space looking fresh and modern. Consider this home improvement choice while budgeting yearly funds. It will pay back significantly with value and functionality.