Basement Remodeling

Adding square footage to the home is a clever way to support a growing family or to entice buyers to the property. Constructing new additions are always expensive, but you have versatility if they have a basement. This basement storage area could be perfect for a new recreation or guest room with endless property benefits.

Extra Square Footage

Basement Remodeling

The main benefit that all homeowners are looking for is extra space. Although this basement area may be currently used for laundry or storage, it’s not always organized for maximum space use. A remodeling project gives you a chance to divide the space out for guests, recreation or even emergency needs. Store canned goods and water in a recessed corner for sustenance during blackouts or big storms, for example. The remaining space can be for a pullout bed, pool table or other desired item. For many families, the space becomes a multipurpose room, perfect for studying, guests or just getting away from it all.

Removing Residual Moisture

One of the major benefits to remodeling the basement is attention to moisture. Because the space is below grade, soil moisture surrounding the foundation and walls can leach into the space. Contractors in Connecticut, for example, use specialized instruments to detect excess humidity or even use old-fashioned plastic sheeting tests. Depending on the moisture levels, you may need to install a dehumidifier or seal foundation cracks.

Moisture must be controlled in this area to prevent mold and mildew. They can be harmful to human health, producing spores that are breathed in. A renovation gives you the chance to reduce moisture, effectively preserving part of the home’s main support.

Sump Pump Addition

A valuable addition to the home is one or more sump pumps. Below grade spaces must have some form of sump pump to pull any water from the area to avoid floods. Although the area may have an old pump model, many contractors will insist on a newer or larger model to truly pull any moisture from the location. Floods can occur, making the basement a veritable disaster area. When contractors estimate the job, they’ll suggest the right sump pump for your situation.

Replacing Supportive Wood

Basement Remodeling

Renovations allow contractors to pinpoint and replace supportive wood in the basement area before they become a structural issue. The first floor resides above the basement, supported by exposed floor joists. These joists may be rotting from residual moisture, causing significant structural issues. Contractors are able to test the joists before any build-out starts. As a critical home improvement, replacing the joists protects the home from structural issues, along with pest infiltration. Distressed wood only invites insects, such as termites, into the home for further damage. Even during cold Connecticut winters, these pests can live in the wood until warmer weather arrives.

Encourages Outdoor Fixes

Working on a below grade room forces contractors to also evaluate the surrounding landscape. Land sloping toward the property only encourages rainwater to flow directly into the new renovation. Contractors will insist on landscape improvements, from realigning rain gutters to sloping the land away from the home. Any moisture possibilities must be removed to avoid future damage to the underground space. Working on the landscape also gives you another benefit for curb appeal. Any potential buyers will see a neat and well-maintained landscape, adding to the home’s value and structural integrity.

Basements offer numerous possibilities when a renovation is considered. Work closely with the contractor to create the perfect home improvement space for your family.