5 Kitchen Renovation Mistakes Every Homeowner Should Avoid

A major part of a home improvement project includes renovating the busiest area of your house. Yes, you are right. I am talking about your kitchen. We often refer to this place as the “heart of our house” and thus, it requires a lot of attention and care from you. So, when you are remodeling the other rooms of your house like the bedroom, living space and bathroom, don’t forget to plan a perfect kitchen layout as well. Give your kitchen a beautiful and deserving makeover. You can do that in two ways- either hire an experienced interior decorator who will decorate the kitchen for you, or do sufficient amount of research work yourself and do the remodeling yourself without hurting your pocket much. I would recommend you to go through plenty of blogs and magazines before starting with the designing.

But, yes it can be quite challenging to preserve the warmth of a kitchen, along with enhancing its overall appeal. And more often than not, homeowners commit various kinds of mistakes in their Kitchen Renovation which could result in a complete wastage of time and money.

So, take a look at the five most common mistakes which I have jotted down for you, so that you learn from these and your task becomes simpler.

• Don’t Obstruct The Mandatory Kitchen Triangle: The space of the refrigerator, the sink and the stove together forms the “kitchen triangle”. And blocking this passage or hindering the accessibility of one from another is one of the most common mistakes. Irrespective of your kitchen layout, the distance between these three should be somewhere in between ten to twenty-five feet.
• Don’t Compromise On The Counter Space: Be very careful about the quality and space of the countertops. Many house owners completely neglect this point. So, while you are contacting a reputed dealer for purchasing kitchen cabinets, talk to them regarding the space of the countertops as well. It is the main workstation in the kitchen, and some of the appliances (like a toaster, can opener, coffee machine, etc) might have to be placed permanently over there. Also, don’t opt for any material that is brittle and requires regular maintenance. Go for heavy duty materials like granite and quartz.
• Don’t Neglect The Design And Quality Of The Cabinets: Cabinets play a major role in making or breaking the look of a kitchen space. So, you have to pick the design very minutely. Most people neglect this point only to regret later. Make sure that any storage space is not wasted. And if possible, opt for the customized ones. The quality of the locks, hinges, and door handles shouldn’t be neglected as well. If you have a budget constraint, then opt for RTA Cabinets. You can easily assemble them, and yes, they cost less than half the price of traditional kitchen cabinets. While planning the design, make sure that none of the drawers or doors clashes with one another, when opened. Just take some time out, and search online for classy and stylish RTA cabinets.
• Don’t Neglect The Lighting: Lights play a major role in enhancing the beauty of a place. Low-powered lights can not only make your kitchen area look shabby but can be quite risky as well, because you will be constantly using sharp objects like knives and cleavers for cutting and chopping. Also, all the architectural craftsmanship will only be brought to focus if the amount of illumination is right. So, avoid buying lights with low-power and opt for pendant lights or chandeliers.
• Don’t Forget To Get The Latest Models Of Appliances: Technology is advancing, and hence manufacturers are coming up with sleek and stylish designs of appliances with high productivity. Your kitchen is a hub of activity, and the modern-day appliances will make your chores easier. Sticking to the older versions of appliances is a strict “no-no”. Avoid this mistake and check online for attractive deals and discounts on the latest models of appliances.

So, these are the most common Kitchen Renovation mistakes that people commit. Be extremely careful and design your kitchen tactfully.