Update Your Home with a New Bathroom Floor

Installing a beautiful new bathroom floor can significantly impact the overall design of your bathroom. However, it’s important to have the floor installed by an expert who has the experience and skill to install the floor correctly. To keep the expense of this project to a minimum, you can consider a variety of flooring materials, some more expensive than others. But keep in mind that the most expensive flooring is not necessarily the only flooring that can beautify your bathroom.

Ceramic Tile . . .

Various types of tile can be used, with ceramic tiles being the most popular. Not only do ceramic tiles have timeless good looks and great longevity, but they are stain resistant and easy to clean. Ceramic tiles come in two finishes – matte and glaze, and are available in many colors, shapes sizes and patterns. Ceramic tiles are, however, costly in comparison to many other types of flooring. In addition, a disadvantage worth considering is that they could possibly crack if something is dropped on them.

Natural Stone Tile . . .

Available in a large assortment of colors, types, surface textures and patterns, stone tile flooring is today more readily accessible and more reasonably priced than in the past. Natural stone tiles include marble, slate, granite, travertine, sandstone and quartzite.

Marble and slate flooring create a feeling of luxury, and add value to a home. Plus, cleaning these tiles is easy. They are durable and hard. Marble is an expensive type of flooring, while slate is more affordable.

Slate flooring can offer a rustic, earthy look or, just as easily, a contemporary look to a home. And it’s ability to hold up against everyday wear and tear makes it quite suitable for a bathroom installation. Marble flooring has the ability to become the focal point of your bathroom’s décor, or the backdrop for an already established room with a dramatic décor. Marble and slate can be installed to create numerous pattern designs in your bathroom, and impressive patterns do wonders for upgrading a bathroom.

Vinyl Flooring . . .

Because vinyl floors are soft underfoot and their maintenance is simple, they are a popular bathroom flooring option, especially for homeowners with children. In addition, the installation of vinyl flooring is easier and therefore less expensive

Wood and Laminate Flooring . . .

Although wood and laminate flooring deliver a breathtaking look, these are not appropriate options for bathrooms. The reason – hardwood may become marked and stained from water, and laminate has an MDF layer, which can be destroyed if any wetness penetrates it.

Linoleum Flooring . . .

Linoleum comes in a broad variety of colors and designs. Although it started to decline in popularity in years past, linoleum has now started to regain popularity because of its affordability, comfortableness and quietness. However, for linoleum to be a successful option for your bathroom floor, it will be necessary to keep water from leaking onto the sub-floor. The best way to accomplish this is for your contractor to caulk and seal the perimeter and install the linoleum squares with a specially formulated low toxic adhesive. The right, quality contractor will know this is necessary.

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